Kitchen Deep Clean

We have commented on kitchen extract systems, however it must not go without mentioning the need for cleanliness within the kitchen itself. The same greasy coating of condensed vapours covering kitchen walls, ceilings and other surfaces creates the ideal habitat and food source for bacteria.

Poor cleaning maintenance practice will ultimately lead to food hygiene problems which could severely affect a commercial kitchen's revenue.

What is a Deep Clean?

A Deep Clean involves EPS using a variety of cleaning methods and solutions to ensure the kitchen area meets environmental Health and Safety requirements. Areas cleaned include:

  • Floors, walls, ceilings, splash backs
  • Appliances - ovens, grilles, hot plates, griddles, deep fat fryers
  • Areas behind appliances
  • Work benches

Our technicians will ensure that all kitchen appliances are thoroughly cleaned using the latest range of cleaning equipment and chemicals.Professional Cleaning - Why is it important?

  • Minimise levels of food contamination
  • Improve work conditions of staff
  • Ensure Health & Safety regulations are met
  • Improve hygiene standards

Kitchen Deep Cleaning - How we can help!

  • Fully trained technicians - Professional Training = Professional Results
  • Ensure adherence to Health & Safety through TR19
  • Implement regular cleaning and maintenance regime
  • Advice on reducing risks and recommendations
  • Completion report with photographic evidence provided before and after clean
  • System cleaning project managed from beginning to end