Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) - Cleaning

LEV is a system that uses extract ventilation to prevent or reduce the level of airborne hazardous substances from being breathed by people in the workplace.

It is designed to draw pollutants away from a process or operation that is likely to release a hazardous substance into the air and which consists of an inlet, such as a hood, slot, booth or cabinet placed around or close to the point of release of the substance.

This device is connected via ducting to the inlet of a fan or air mover. The extracted air is usually discharged to the atmosphere or returned elsewhere in the workplace, having first been cleaned to make it safe for release.

Frequency of thorough examination and Test – LEV systems should be tested and examined at a minimum of every 14 months.

The Solution

Eurovents HPV system is the perfect solution to ensure the effective cleaning and maintenance of these systems.

The HPV cleaning system was uniquely designed so that the compressed air keeps the nozzle centred and transports the system as well as, of course, cleaning the ducts.

During the cleaning process the cleaning unit moves through the heart of the duct.  The so called spider keeps the nozzle centred, guaranteeing that the system always cleans more effectively than an uncentred nozzle. Furthermore, the HPV cleaning spider protects the ducts from damage on the inside caused by an uncentred nozzle.

What the HPV system can do for you:

  • The HPV cleans both horizontal and vertical air ducts equally effectively
  • The HPV system also treats round, square and oblong ducts with equal ease
  • The HPV system can be used for treating all types of air ducts: in public buildings, schools and ships.
  • The HPV system spider concept minimizes noise during the cleaning process